Thursday, March 26, 2009

Best Dog Training Toys

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Best Dog Training Toys - dog training tips for dummies

If you are trying to train your dog but have little success using food incentives and rewards this may be because your dog is more toy oriented than food oriented. If this is the case, as it often is, you have many options for the best dog training toys to help get the job done.

One other reason that you need a toy for training is to keep your dog engaged. If you have a high energy breed of dog it is important to use regular play throughout the training
to keep your dog focused on you.

Of course the traditional dog training items such as a leash and collar are essential. Have you ever heard of a haltie? It is essentially like a halter for a horse that you can connect your leash to. When your dog tries to pull away it instead just turns its head, this is great for large powerful dogs.

Tennis balls and frisbees are some of the best toys that you can use for teaching a dog how to fetch. But did you know something as simple as a ball can be great for almost any command. This is especially true with dogs like labradors who are extremely toy oriented. Use a traditional training technique for nearly any command but instead of rewarding with food throw the tennis ball for your dog as a playtime reward accompanied with praise. Toys can also be used for other breeds of dog, particularly terriers who are bred for killing small burrowing animals, by letting them simply play with the toy as a reward for exhibiting a desired command or behavior. Accompany this with praise and then remove the toy until the desired behaviors displayed again. This method follows the same sort of association as treat rewards and your dog will quickly learn that good behavior results in play with their favorite dog toy.

Additionally it can be difficult to train a dog, especially a young puppy, not to chew on things when you are away from home. One of the best, and easiest, methods for doing this is to provide them with an approved alternative. A rope toy or a rubber Kong dog toy stuffed with frozen peanut butter can easily keep a destructive puppy entertained and out of trouble for hours on end.

If you're on a budget used tennis balls can be acquired for about $.10 apiece, rope toys can be made yourself, and old stuffed animals make favorite dog toys.

Hopefully now you can see how you can easily improve your dog training with a simple implementation of some fun toys.


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